Welcome to Lahore Kebab House

Over the years Lahore Kebab House has grown from a small diner into an institution and is "off the beaten track" today Lahore Kebab House is favored by people of all walks of life. enjoying the home.. away from home experience.

You can give us a call to make a reservation, and order for collection or delivery On 02074882551. You can do some of this online already, if you're feeling really adventurous then just pop in.
We've still got affordable prices and ample seating for parties, couples, or maybe just you.

Experience our freshly cooked food & atmosphere . It really is, as nice and tasty as they say

Our secret to success has always been simplicity, not just with our food but also when you are on our website booking a table. We have made the site an easy way to either view our menu, make a booking or find us.

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